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Our Process

In today’s competitive job market, recruiting the right people is the number one challenge for any company.

We meet this challenge head-on with an aggressive recruiting approach and a spectrum of resources designed to find the qualified candidates you need.

At Andiamo! Group, our goal is to optimize the value of our service through the active interest we take in the success of every candidate and client. We do this through the utilization of our unique sourcing techniques combined with old fashion values. Over 60% of our placed candidates are generated through our extensive referral sources – a network of candidates that cannot be found elsewhere.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to adjust our search process to meet the business objectives and financial requirements of our client partners. A typical search assignment would include the following steps:

1. Complete Background Research

We seek to gain a complete understanding of our client’s business through two areas of research: Direct dialogue with key management team and/or board members (via face-to-face meetings, phone conversations and emails) and, Review of company and industry literature, such as business plans, press releases and web-sites.

We want to have a broad perspective of our client’s business proposition, funding and revenue model, as well as its culture.


2. Detailed Needs Analysis

From our initial conversations and client review, we outline our understanding of the key responsibilities and requirements of the open sales positions.

3. Identify Potential Candidates

To expedite the search process, we work around probabilities. On occasion we might be looking for a “best-all-around” type of candidate; other times we narrow our search to specific industry sectors, well regarded companies, or geographic locales known for developing high-impact talent.

4. Present Candidates

Our intent is to present only those candidates that have a distinct possibility of being accepted by our client partners. In doing so, we will conduct through in-person or detailed phone interviews where we compile a detailed assessment of each candidate’s potential fit, both against the requirements of the specific position as well as culturally within our client’s entire organization.

5. Coordinate Interviews

We plan and schedule meetings between our client’s key decision-makers and leading candidates. Also, we conduct a debriefing with both the client and candidate after each discussion. In addition, we hold regular conference calls with the key contact within the client organization to discuss progress and make adjustments as necessary.

6. Conduct Reference Checks

We only rely on information provided to us by individuals who are or have been in positions to evaluate the potential successful candidate’s qualifications and performance.

7. Assist in Negotiations

On our client’s behalf, we anticipate functioning as a sounding board to both our client as well as the potential successful candidate. Our intent is to facilitate the compensation discussions our client would initiate with the candidate. The ultimate decision to pursue and/or hire a specific individual rests with our client – our role is purely as an intermediary.

We recognize that our success is based upon the continued support of our client companies and the dedication and quality of both our internal workforce and the candidates we place. We proudly retain personalized service and accountability for each and every placement we make.

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335 Bryant Street Suite 309 San Francisco, CA 94107